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AlephCRM, is part of the transformation of the language in the auto parts market.

The pandemic effect marks a before and after in the auto parts market, which had to redesign its entire commercial strategy in a creative and fast way, and thus the words electronic commerce became the fundamental axis of its speech.


Within the AlephCRM platform, the auto parts industry occupies a privileged place. Gaston Zelerteins, CEO and founder, gave an exclusive interview to AfterMarket, a specialized magazine and reference in the segment where he spoke about the origin of Aleph and how it was sought to include all the links of the commercial chain (which until now worked separately ) in the same safe place "The platform has the objective of organizing and ordering the entire commercial chain, where all the actors that participate do so in a healthier and more competitive environment".


What came first in that search?

The main thing was to create a CATALOG of products to publish, but it was a complex task since there is a large amount and variety of information about each piece.

That is why we set out, together with Mercado Libre, to develop a tool for brands and wholesale distributors based on the creation and permanent updating of the CATALOG.

How did you develop it?

We met with different actors in this chain, wholesale distributors invited retailers. Here the distributor presented his catalog project with stock, list price and the suggested one. The only thing that remains is for the retailer to connect to the CRM, indicate their markup and their own stock and select the products to be published in Mercado Libre.

This way, the connection between the actors exceeded expectations and today a Vendor can connect with different Distributors. A network that amounts to more than 45 thousand published products. And all this is facilitated by the automation of the information.

In addition, within this process we provide technology to retailers or mechanical workshops, who with two clicks have an account, and a catalog available.


Doesn't this overshadow the seller, the sales force?

It empowers them, by giving them greater business opportunities. Every schackle in the chain can connect our platform to its inventory management system. This automates the availability of stock that will play a fundamental role in this business model.

Whoever works best within the platform, will obtain a better Market Share. Three years ago the statistics indicated that 80% of the purchases were made from the interior of the country, but 90% of the vendors were in the City of Buenos Aires. Since they began to publish the offer, the demand began to be distributed in that relationship.

Our platform is prepared so that everyone in this chain can grow on a large scale.